Computer Maintenance

Dedicated Sound Cards – Are They Worth Having?

Dedicated sound cards have been around for years. Dedicated sound cards were often the only way to even have sound on a computer since motherboards did not often come with integrated sound chips. These days, things have changed. Virtually all motherboards come wit integrated sound cards Not only are on-board sound solutions included almost universally now, but they also invariably support high definition audio and multichannel sound. For most people, this is all that they need. Dedicated sound cards do still enjoy a place in the market, however. There are still reasons in favor of getting one. Following are some … Read the rest

Back Up Your Computer – Drive HQ Backup Review

The work you do on your computer is important. Unfortunately a computer crash could easily wipe out your system causing you to lose all the work you have done. DriveHQ has a solution with their Online Backup service. With Drive HQ Online Backup, users can back up files, access them remotely, share files, and, when needed, restore them. All of this is done securely without a back up device.

Drive HQ is meant for business users but its free memberships and low cost subscriptions make it a good choice for individuals as well. If you sign up for the free … Read the rest

An Introduction to Peripherals

A peripheral is a piece of hardware external to your laptop or desktop computer. A typical peripheral connects to the appropriate port on the back of your computer using a cord or cable. Most ports for peripherals are located behind the main computer case (or system unit).

Many peripherals are also available in wireless form, i.e. the wireless mouse and the wireless keyboard. This article provides an overview of common peripherals and describes three advantages of using wireless peripherals for your personal computer.

Common Peripherals

Some commonly used peripherals are: the mouse, the keyboard, the printer, the scanner, the web … Read the rest