How to Upgrade a Graphics Card

Upgrading a graphics card provides by far the greatest boost in the performance of video games All computers built in the past few years now use the PCI-Express interface which is compatible with almost any available graphics card on the market. While upgrading a graphics card is normally a quick and easy process, there are some important steps to take first. The following guide will walk you through the preparation and installation of a new graphics card on any desktop PC with a PCI-Express interface.

1- Preparations to Make

It may be tempting to hastily remove the old graphics card … Read the rest

Dedicated Sound Cards – Are They Worth Having?

Dedicated sound cards have been around for years. Dedicated sound cards were often the only way to even have sound on a computer since motherboards did not often come with integrated sound chips. These days, things have changed. Virtually all motherboards come wit integrated sound cards Not only are on-board sound solutions included almost universally now, but they also invariably support high definition audio and multichannel sound. For most people, this is all that they need. Dedicated sound cards do still enjoy a place in the market, however. There are still reasons in favor of getting one. Following are some … Read the rest

Buying a Budget Gaming Laptop

Although prices for laptop computers have dropped enormously in the past few years, buying a gaming laptop on a budget can still be rather complicated. A budget gaming laptop can be defined as the cheapest and most basic laptop that has a dedicated graphics card. Almost all of the lower-end laptops have integrated graphics cards making them all but useless for gaming. A dedicated graphics card of the most basic specification will allow you to play most games currently on the market on low to medium settings and sometimes on high. Remember that since you will only be playing on … Read the rest