Computer Buying

Buying a Laptop

Depending on your requirements, choosing a laptop can be a more complicated decision than choosing a desktop computer. Laptops are inherently limited in their upgrade possibilities and while the performance of laptop computers has increased enormously in recent years, they do remain inferior to desktop computers. Laptops are available in a variety of different budget ranges. You can spend anything from about $400 on the cheapest budget machine right up to $2000 or more for a gaming powerhouse.

Most people use laptop computers in addition to a desktop computer. Virtually any laptop is more than adequate for checking emails, performing … Read the rest

Buying a Budget Gaming Laptop

Although prices for laptop computers have dropped enormously in the past few years, buying a gaming laptop on a budget can still be rather complicated. A budget gaming laptop can be defined as the cheapest and most basic laptop that has a dedicated graphics card. Almost all of the lower-end laptops have integrated graphics cards making them all but useless for gaming. A dedicated graphics card of the most basic specification will allow you to play most games currently on the market on low to medium settings and sometimes on high. Remember that since you will only be playing on … Read the rest

Useful Information for Purchasing a CPU

The central processing unit, or CPU, is a key component of the desktop or laptop computer. Because it helps to know what you are purchasing beforehand, here is some useful information for desktop and laptop shoppers and novice personal computer (PC) users.

In today’s computers, the CPU, or microchip, is the brain of the personal computer. This chip contains in excess of 100 million transistors that are only 0.09 microns in width. At first, the microchip’s size and speed defy the imagination. Can you visualize information being passed along millions of microscopic transistors in lightning speed? The CPU computes billions … Read the rest