An Introduction to Peripherals

A peripheral is a piece of hardware external to your laptop or desktop computer. A typical peripheral connects to the appropriate port on the back of your computer using a cord or cable. Most ports for peripherals are located behind the main computer case (or system unit).

Many peripherals are also available in wireless form, i.e. the wireless mouse and the wireless keyboard. This article provides an overview of common peripherals and describes three advantages of using wireless peripherals for your personal computer.

Common Peripherals

Some commonly used peripherals are: the mouse, the keyboard, the printer, the scanner, the web camera, the monitor, and speakers. Here is a brief explanation of each peripheral.

1. Mouse. This device serves as a pointing, clicking, scrolling, and dragging device. You can select from menus, text, and icons on your computer screen by using the mouse to designate your selection.

2. Keyboard. This unit is just like a typewriter. You can type numbers, letters, common symbols, and other commands on the keyboard. Keyboards come in many styles and sizes By in putting information through presang keyboard keys, you send instructions to the computer to perform.

3. Printer. This machine functions kind of like a copy machine. You can print many types of documents on regular paper or photo paper. Modern printers come in many formats, including digital, laser, and inkjet printers The printer is connected to your computer through a special cable.

4. Scanner. This device allows you to create digital images of various 3-D documents, including written documents, photographs, and artwork.

5. Web camera. Also called a web cam, this device allows you to project your image onto the web via camera technology. For example, if you want to have a video chat with a family member far away, you can talk over the Internet. The web cam permits the other person to see your physical image as you talk. You can also use the web cam to make videos and other files

6. Monitor. This flat or box-shaped device resembles a television screen. You can use the monitor to view the information from the computer, including graphics and text.

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