Buying a Laptop

Depending on your requirements, choosing a laptop can be a more complicated decision than choosing a desktop computer. Laptops are inherently limited in their upgrade possibilities and while the performance of laptop computers has increased enormously in recent years, they do remain inferior to desktop computers. Laptops are available in a variety of different budget ranges. You can spend anything from about $400 on the cheapest budget machine right up to $2000 or more for a gaming powerhouse.

Most people use laptop computers in addition to a desktop computer. Virtually any laptop is more than adequate for checking emails, performing … Read the rest

Three Laptop Maintenance Tips

Looking after your laptop properly will greatly increase its lifespan as well as help to keep its performance and efficiency up-to-scratch. Because laptop computers tend to be moved around far more than desktop computers, they are subject to a great deal of wear-and-tear. A buildup of dust inside the machine can also occur very quickly. This can eventually cause problems with performance and even cause damage to the components In addition to laptop-specific maintenance, you should also run the standard maintenance procedures as on any computer. This includes regularly scanning the hard disks for errors, defragmenting data and checking for … Read the rest

Improving Your Computer’s Cooling

Improving a computer’s cooling can provide better performance and prolong the life of your system’s components. While most new computers provide adequate cooling, a few upgrades can also provide more headroom for overclocking components such as the processor and graphics card. Enthusiastic gamers tend to be particularly interested in getting the best cooling for their computers since it allows them to get a very noticeable performance increase. Improved cooling can also make your computer much quieter since stock heat sinks and fans are often noisy. Trie following provides some tips on how to improve your computer’s cooling in a number … Read the rest